Cose da fare prima del trapianto di capelli

Nel trapianto di capelli, ci sono alcuni aspetti che i pazienti devono considerare attentamente prima e dopo la procedura. Prima di tutto, se stai usando farmaci o hai qualche problema di salute, ti preghiamo di informarci della tua condizione prima della procedura. Se hai l’HIV o l’epatite, o se sospetti di avere uno dei due, devi assolutamente avvisarci prima del trapianto.

One week before the procedure

  • Stop using alcohol one week before. If you use alcohol in the week before your transplant, this may cause you to lose more blood than normal during the surgery. It won’t be life-threatening, but it can make the hair transplant take longer.
  • It is recommended not to drink coffee, herbal tea or green tea one week before hair transplantation.
  • Do not use vitamins, dietary supplements, proteins or other blood-thinning drinks, food and medicines.
  • Don’t get a haircut before the procedure. Your hair will be shaved by our staff at the hospital.

The day of the operation

  • Make sure you have a good breakfast the morning of your surgery.
  • Take a shower before the operation. Do not apply sprays, gels or other chemical styling products.
  • Make sure you wear loose, comfortable trousers and an open-front shirt or t-shirt with a button or zip (e.g. tracksuits and trainers). We do not recommend wearing a shirt or sweater with a narrow collar. The hair transplant area should never come into contact with anything after the procedure.